Tuesday, June 13, 2006

When Times Get Tough…Celebrate!

You’ve just been told that your FY07 budget has to be totally reworked; you’re already past deadline for submitting your annual 508 review; one of your team members just let you know she’d accepted another job; and the server is going down intermittently, for seemingly no reason. Everyone is looking to you for answers and – probably – a miracle or two. Yep – it’s another day in the life of a government web manager. The problems, issues, and requirements can get pretty overwhelming. Is it time to despair? Heck no. This is the time you need to celebrate your success!

Most web managers feel like they’re out there on that limb all alone. Truth is, you probably are. The managers above you don’t really know what you do – they just expect you to have the best website in the government. This is one job in which you just have to create your own support. How do you do it? You jump up and down, wave your arms, and remind everyone – especially yourself – just how much you’ve achieved. Pick out 5 processes that used to be done manually and take ages, and tell folks how much better and faster they’re being done now. Look at the growing number of citizens you’re reaching through the web, and remind your organization how terrific it is that federal agencies actually can serve citizens directly – and do – every single day. Count up how much more you’re doing with so much less, and do some bragging.

When times get tough, don’t let it get you down. Put on your biggest smile, pull out your pom-poms, and give a big cheer for all that great stuff that’s happened just because you and your team have done such a darn good job.

There now. Don’t you feel better?!

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