Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Work Together Through This Transition

It’s just weeks away…the both longed-for and feared “T” word: transition! It doesn’t matter where your politics lie…when you’re a Fed, you psych up for this event. New bosses. New initiatives. New energy. New challenges. And a new opportunity to show how government web managers are working together to improve public service.

The federal Web Managers Council has crafted a strategy for achieving cross-government goals. They based it on ideas from the web manager community. It’s all right there. Now you have to sell it to the new administration. You have to tell them why it’s important to your agency, to all agencies, and – most of all – to the public. You have to convince them that it’s critical and worth their attention and support. So here’s a thought: if it’s a web community plan, why not do your briefings in web community teams?

How you convey a message often is as critical to success as what you say. If your message is "we have a cross-government strategy," couldn’t you underscore your point by having 2 or 3 web managers from other agencies with you? It's that whole actions speak louder than words thing.

Be strategic. And remember: we serve best when we serve together.

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