Monday, January 02, 2006

Getting Buy-in From the Boss

How can government web managers avoid being victims of bosses who “don’t get it?” There are ways to make progress, whether or not bosses are onboard. Government web managers are doing it all the time. They take control. They’re writing their own content – not waiting to be given permission or told what to do. They’re bridging gaps within agencies. They're walking into voids and filling them with "right things to do." They’re starting to work across agencies. The hurricane Katrina disaster relief effort is the best example of why this is so critical – web managers came together and proved that agencies can set aside their own identities and egos and come together to provide synthesized, unified, simplified content for citizens. It takes networking, figuring out the right thing to do, and touting success. And when it comes to credit - give it to your boss or your agency – shine the light on those positives. It’s a great way to gain buy-in.

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