Thursday, September 27, 2007

Have You Seen "Gov Gab?"

The team rolled out it’s latest innovation: Gov Gab, the government blog that helps citizens figure out government. They’ve done a great job. The look is good. The posts are well-written and friendly and generally the right length (one of the entries had a few too many photos…but they’re just getting their feet wet). So, great blogging!

But actually, this is better than a blog. This is the kind of content I’d love to see on It does what Google can’t and lists of links don’t: it makes sense out of the top tasks. It is the right length. It talks to citizens in their language. This is what I’ve been yipping about!

If the Web Managers Advisory Council could figure out how to deliver cross-agency (both horizontal and vertical) content this way – get the agency web managers to work with the writers to “tell the story” (at least for the top tasks) - and integrate it into the website, I think it would be a huge step forward in communicating with citizens.

Really well done, Bev Godwin and company at Kudos to all!

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